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to return to public visual field

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Outside of the person carry on valuation.In the new budget method, the direct working talent of National Peoples Congress is also strengthened.After the budget method passes, Zhang De Jiang requests to continuously strengthen a person to greatly investigate to inspect the aiming at of budget final accounts sex and real results, practical pair of the people's bag money takes care of friendly good.Conduct and actions is ten, 11 two National Peoples Congress represent, the leaf is green to think, and this is the performance that the National Peoples Congress implements a legal job.Double week symposium weighs to return to Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference meanwhile, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference also implements a legal job gradually.Last year October 22, every 48 years after, double week symposium weighs to return to public visual field again.Double week's negotiating symposium is one of the important forms of the Chinese People's Political Consultative nike free 5.0 v4 saleConference democracy consultation and could trace to origins first batch Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at the earliest stage.The double after resuming week negotiates symposium, the safety produces a method correction, ensure by law independently fair exercise the Cha power, judicial system of judicature check reforms etc. problem discussion.This and Yu the positive voice is relevant to the fixed position of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, he asks Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to implement political consultation, democracy direct and participates in politics an argument government working talent and sets up a rule of law principle, insists rule of law thinking and constructs rule of law environment and make to reform emollient push forward on the rule of law orbit.By law anti- Futhe rule of law turns is 18 big anti- Fu

When fresh clear characteristics as early as and central political bureau collectively studied for the fourth time, the Xi was near even to namely put forward:The all levels organization section wants can by law handle affairs, obey law is the important condition that investigates to identify a staff.In January, this year, the Xi is near even the working conference is at the central government method up emphasize:The all levels leadership staff wants to take the lead to handle affairs by law and takes the lead to obey law, the firm establishment law red line can not touch to touch, the law bottom line can not exceed of the idea be not going  to exercise the power that should not be exercised by oneself by law, more not ability with speech generation method, press a method by nike free run 2 menspower and profit oneself to abuse law.Want to build up to be sound the register of judicatory breaching a legal procedure intervention to keep on record to notify system and responsibility to pursue system.Liu Yun Shan several times writes to talk use power the supervisor organizes the central political bureau of personnel Wei often Liu Yun Shan is studying a Times to write to mean in May, this year:Want a practical exaltation to lead a staff usage rule of law the thinking and rule of law method push forward the ability of work.On September 8, he is studying a Times to write, remind staff power within opponent, have to have an awe, attain to use power, impartially use power by law, incorrupt use power.In clear Anne of's eyes, this is inevitable.Clear Anne says that public power exercises, makes policy all from the leadership of party management

Staff come concrete practice, don't clear the staff of with speech generation method, press a method by power and profit oneself to abuse law an of troops, these 2 can not guarantee.The job crime investigates to gradually render unto a prosecutor on 18 central Ji Wei's two plenary meetingses, Wang Qi Shan namely means:Is strict according to Ji by law, the safe civilization handle a case and strengthen case to take up and inspect to manage a work, guarantee be investigated personnel legal rights.New China net tallies up this asshould be handled by the party discipline determinedly to handle with the party discipline, should move to send to determinedly moving of the judicial organ to send judicial organ, and point out that the rule of law turns is 18 big the nike free run 3 ukfresh clear characteristics of anti- Fu.In November, 2013, the high check Cha hospital convenes of anti- Fu legalization expert's symposium, definitely put forward the following trend:From now on Ji Wei the officials ofdouble rules, the confirmation may constitute the criminal, will hand over to check a Cha organization survey in time, Ji Wei no longer the whole distanceses check a case.Only first half year of this year, whole country check the Cha organization totally check an above staff of a county place class to graft to bribe crime to want case 1676 people(contain the hall bureau class 182 people), together compare rise 32.3%, include 7 department class staff's cases in province among them, and national energy bureau original pair the bureau chief allow the bureau class that always is prosperous to wait a hall with important social influence

governmentshort plank that need to be

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.University of Peking teaches clear Anne of to point out, country under the rule of law the important contents of the construction namely lie in perfect this kind of exterior direct mechanism, if the person greatly prepares a final accounts reviewing system, query the systems like administration litigation,etc of system and court.Constuct rule of law governmentshort plank that need to be made whole:The enlargement asks strength for responsibilityleadership staff law consciousness and rule of law idea isn't strong, nike flyknit trainer+ ukthe law carries out incentive mechanism disfunctional, to illegal administration's asking responsibility shortage is the key problem that the rule of law government constucts.Chinese government method vice-president of school, Ma Huai De, of the university suggests that investigating builds up a rule of law evaluation system and investigates standard, to illegal the administration carry out scathing ask a responsibility, is the importance that investigates to identify a staffwilling can't handle affairs by law and can handle affairs by law basis, select to appoint at the staff in establishment explicit rule of law direction.Constuct the foundation of rule of law government:Practice clear Anne of science democracy decision to point out:Being at that moment many to manage is out of order, come from a power misuse.Some decisions that involve huge public public finance funds and the important rights of large citizen are publicly usually in need of, the decisions procedures of democracy.Clap head decision, clap breast assurance and clap a bottom to walk the person's decision management style, still exist in some places up to now.Necessarily

The beard by the root changes this kind of decision management style, graveness the decision is publicly transparent, let as far as possible social public involvement, push forward a nation to manage norm to turn, scientific.The clear experts, such as Anne and Ma Huai De...etc. suggests that the nation holds firmly to draw up administration procedure method and administrative policy decision procedure regulation and definitely asks administration behavior, administrative policy decision to haven't yet the meeting, and deliberative body...etc. of the hearing, argument proper legal procedure, can not pass and carry out.The reform includes according to every 48 years, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference establishes double the week nike free tr fit onlinenegotiates symposium again in February, this year, the center deeply reshuffles the second-time meeting, and the Xi is near even to specially emphasize:Any belonging to a graveness to reform is wanted to a method to have according to, ensure on the rule of law orbit to push forward reform.The center deeply reshuffles at 18 three in the plenary meeting establish after convening.Three medium plenary meetings put forward a reform completely project and involve 15 realms 60 reform to raise Cuo.Chinese government method institute for research reputation director of university rule of law government should loosen a year to think, rule of law China with overall the reform carries on at the same time of pass, reform oneself is the chance that helps the rule of law to turn.Zhang De Jiang elaborates thathave at the method according to Standing Committee of the National People's Congress member of committee grows Zhang De Jiang to concretely explainhave at the method according to forwell develop the lawmaking is guiding, push and guarantee

The important function that reforms aspect makes policy the knot to the reform decision and the lawmaking and puts together, in time the mature experience ascension that the reform open is law.In green scholar, leaf, of finance and tax's eyes, four review to pass of the budget method Be reformed to a method to have according to of successful case.Budget method why can at 8 pass by the end of the month?Because the cushion that before did much reform, cause the modification of this budget method nike free run 3 womenscompare originally smoothly a lot of.The law review decides ex- the method modification increasing to establish to evaluate link budget experience successively a 10-year game, 18 greatly behind of modify progress to make the leaf green to feel some different.Past because the section rift has controversy, the end review passes of edition, show me national interest is bigger than a section benefits.The leaf is green to use to give examples of is manager system in the central bank national treasury, budget method four review a draft to finally respect the opinion of most people, reserve manager system in the central bank national treasury.This lawmaking principle that involves Zhang De Jiang:During the lawmaking, actively and carefully respond to a public concern, this since be advantageous to promoting lawmaking quality exaltation, again can coagulate the foundation that the consensus, popular solid law carries out.Zhang De Jiang still puts forward and increases one more valuation link before the law lifts to please to deliberate to decide and please a lawmaking work section

start implementing a job completely

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The strong premier said to the reporter, construction rule of law government, this is root, we want method of using to cure spirit to constuct a modern economy, modern social and modern government.After 3 days, Li Ke Qiang manages to convene the first-time plenary session in State Department, beginning namely explicit government by law the principle of Lyu job.Today is the first-time plenary session in State Department, mark lately a government to start implementing a job completely, press the request that the constitution law gives to develop a work.25 State Department often work a meeting to 24 times lift the lawwere current nike free run 2 cheapgovernments for the past one yearses by law the first year of Lyu job, after a year, at head government the work give a talk or lecture to tally up thus in Li Ke Qiang.To aftertime's work, the government work gives a talk or lectures to put forward, the description of speed construction rule of law government, innovation government, incorrupt government, rule of law government is put more first, with lifted a method before now different.The small variety reflection often works a meeting in State Department up.According to statistic from the medium, this year 8 ex-25 State Department of months often work a meeting, law laws andJian Zheng puts power pierces through always.Related news draft in, law laws is mentioned 24 times, among them majority of direction administration examination and approval system reforms.The crest layer design sets up

The country progress of trying by law governing of radicle China of curing the government popular solid country under the rule of law welcomes importance time.Party of 18 four medium the plenary meeting research push forward to govern a country great problem by law completely, for speed a socialism country under the rule of law construction to carry on a layer design and strategic deployment.Cure a national affairs pass by law the party is ruling to make a country strong, matter to people of happy peace and health, matter to party and nation long cure long Anne.Govern the system strength that the country arouses by law, modernization will definitely be emollient to promote a nation to manage system and manage ability, for constuct Chinese special feature socialism country under the rule of law, carry out Chinese dream of great renew of Chinese nation to provide an nike free 5.0 v4 ukemollient guarantee.Govern a country by law, construction country under the rule of law, the nation manages system to modernize;Govern a country by law, construction country under the rule of law, the nation manages ability to promote.Push forward to govern a country by law completely, insist to govern a country by law, govern by law, the administration pushes forward together by law, persistence country under the rule of law, rule of law government and rule of law social integral whole construction.The country under the rule of law is to get generally, the rule of law government, rule of law society is two wingss.By law govern is a party to govern under the new history condition of basic way, the administration is the basic standard of all levels government by law;The country under the rule of law is a corpus, rule of law government BE

Point.Legal system in State Department's doing a vice- director Yuan Shu is great to point out.Constuct link in the center of country under the rule of law:Rule of law government construction, push forward by law administration at present with change government working talent for the administration system of core reform to deeply push forward to the Zong-Jian Zheng put power in advance, the system construction follows.The our country will promote power detailed list system, the method has no authorization can not be;Explicitnegative detailed list, the method didn't forbid all can be;The setresponsibility detailed list, legal job has to be.This will clarify the boundary of government and market further and allow the government to be umpire of good market order and reform creativepatron saint.The basic request of rule of law government:There is a power necessarily having a nike free 4.0 v3 saleresponsibility and being subjected to direct with the power for push set policy already the measure carry out, in June, this year State Department at from check and the on-the-spot Du check foundation the top innovate to work mechanism, lead to go into third square valuation.National industry and business allied and part research consult organization, surround Jian Zheng to put a power, Peng door area reformation etc. part point policy measure implementation the circumstance launch valuation, in order to with from check and check a circumstance to carry on with Du to analyze to the form.The innovation third parties inspect, to the direct check and supervision of government power, perfect come from a person greatly with the direct of judicial organ

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